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[Big Sex Education] about anal sex Ep02: Tidy up the backyard!

[Big Sex Education] about anal sex Ep02: Tidy up the backyard!


If your girlfriend gives you (or maybe you give her) a backdoor pass one day, congratulations on your chances! Before embarking on a magical journey, there are a few things that need to be done.  For most people, the most important and intriguing issue is probably "cleaning," because in addition to the usual cleaning, the Is there anything else we should be aware of?

This can be a big or small problem and varies according to personal preference and acceptance; some people may not have to deal with it specifically, but others may have to go through a major process of several days before they can officially start anal goodness.

For the more experienced, they may be used to, or familiar with, the process and need only simple cleansing to an acceptable degree; for the occasional, playful, or peculiarly fetishistic, they may even accept, albeit rarely, a "status quo pass" without special cleansing.

However, by most people's standards, basic cleaning is necessary, but considering that the parts that will be "used" may be a little deeper, the scope of treatment will be a little more inside-out than usual.

As for whether or not to remove hair, it also depends on personal preference: because the back door of the weeds are dense, it is relatively easy to hide dirt, so There are some people who would have been cleared, but if you have to go in and out through here, then for the sake of beauty (?). With convenience, it makes sense to clean it up.

In the movie "Harrah's Show," it was mentioned that some male sex workers not only don't remove the hair, but even dye it.

In fact, it's not uncommon for Japanese and Korean visual idols to dye their eyebrows and armpit hair after their hair is dyed. The "there" hair, everyone(?). It's not a big deal.

Many first-time anal users pay special attention to keeping their bowels clean and clear to avoid embarrassing back-door access; basically, the drugstore-available, smooth-cleaning colon cleanse is a fairly common tool for emptying the bowels, but it should be used with caution because it's still slightly dangerous.

More formally, there are those who would start a controlled, reduced diet early, and meet anal goodness with a near bowel health check, but that seems a bit too much, and if you're going to be so nervous, perhaps you can hold off for a while until you're physically and mentally ready for the pass.