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[Big Sex Education] about anal sex Ep01: God! My girlfriend tried to take my back!

[Big Sex Education] about anal sex Ep01: God! My girlfriend tried to take my back!


Tradition, misconceptions and personal factors have made "anal goodness" a taboo subject and a misconception that it's a gay-only activity, but the truth is that many men have probably asked their girlfriends to try it out, and while the chances of them agreeing are slim to none, it does exist.

Men's attitudes towards anal are often as naive as the way they treated girls growing up: as a teenager, "anal is gross"! Oh! When I was in my twenties, I wanted to try anal! "Can we have some more anal?" after 30.

The first question many people ask before knowing or trying anal sex is, "Will this be comfortable?

The answer is yes, many people who have tried anal sex can point out that it is quite "pleasurable", but because of the psychological and physical adjustments that need to be made to make the process go smoothly, not everyone is able to go through these stages to the point of enjoyment, so for many, anal sex may be an occasional thrill/reward, or a compensatory gesture from a partner.

But many people who understand the benefits of anal goodness may enjoy it because they not only get pleasure from it, but it may even give rise to a sexuality that is independent of traditional intercourse; i.e. 'wanting it here', 'wanting it there'.

Take anal sex between a man and a woman as an example, men's pleasure comes not only from their physical sex organs, but also from their psychological ones. Stimulation, such as, "Finally!", "So that's how it is!", "It's really broken!", "You're so cocky! As for the female part, it usually starts with a period of discomfort or pain, and some people may even enter the "pleasure" stage after a long period of development.

As for the female part, there is usually a period of discomfort or pain that must be experienced first, and some people may not be able to enter the "pleasure" stage even after a long period of exploration.

However, the low prevalence of anal pleasure, coupled with the discomfort of the first part of the anal experience, makes it easier for the person being penetrated to resist, moan, or express his or her weakness verbally and physically, which often leads to a sense of psychological subjugation for the penetrator.

In a world where women are equal to men, women are beginning to make fantasies or even real requests for "anal goodness" from men, either out of curiosity or because they want to enjoy the conquest as well; perhaps you can think of it as a "female counterattack" or a more specific exploration of sexual pleasure, but it doesn't necessarily need to be linked to sexual orientation.